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Analysis of Water Leakage Caused by Plumbing and Hot Air Furnace
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Water leakage occurs when using hot water heaters . For inexperienced breeding users, it may not be known what measures should be taken. At this time, we need to find the cause of the failure before we can find an effective solution to the problem and slow the water heater problem. . There are several reasons for water leakage in general hot water heaters:

1. Excessive water pressure. At this time, the user needs to close the water supply valve when the water supply valve is added to the specified position. Otherwise, after the water pressure is too large, the boiler will start the self-protection function and automatically drain the water to reduce the pressure, resulting in water leakage.

2. Improper use. You must read the instruction manual of the plumbing and hot blast stove, and follow the instructions and precautions indicated in the instruction manual and nameplate. When the hot water heater has air leakage, water leakage, water stop, the flame does not extinguish, and the combustion conditions are not good, it should be stopped. Notify the gas management department or the manufacturer of the repair in time, and it is strictly forbidden to dismantle and repair without permission.

3. Exceed the useful life. Since the hot water heater is under high temperature and high pressure for a long time, and the water is corroded, it is prone to leakage. It is recommended to replace it in time.

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