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How to adjust the burning time of the hot blast stove is the safest?
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The hot blast stove, as a thermal energy equipment vigorously promoted under the conditions of energy saving and environmental protection, is well liked by everyone. Any operation of this equipment has potential safety hazards, so we must strictly follow the rules when operating to prevent potential safety hazards. Hot blast stove manufacturers can't tell too fast when adjusting the hot blast stove combustion.
When adjusting the combustion of the hot blast stove, do not go too fast to prevent natural gas from leaking in the furnace and the flue after the hot blast stove is turned off. When the stove staff is running, focus on monitoring and preventing natural gas leakage and automatic burner flameout.
When there is a serious leak of natural gas in the hot blast stove, there will be a change in the pressure of the natural gas. A strong airflow sound can be heard. The handheld alarm will make an abnormal sound. When the leak is large, the fixed alarm will issue an automatic alarm and the exhaust fan will be automatically turned on. Disasters such as explosions and fires of the hot blast stove or natural gas pipeline may occur.
It is strictly forbidden to smoke and use mobile phones in the hot air stove, and it is forbidden to stack any flammable items and sundries. When electric welding and gas welding operations are required in the room, strictly follow hot fire procedures, and professional supervision shall be conducted by professionals on site during construction operations. All personnel are required to wear antistatic work clothes; use explosion-proof lighting, explosion-proof instruments and other explosion-proof equipment; explosion-proof tools must be used in the construction of hot-air stoves, and explosion-proof doors and rupture disks should be installed in the flue behind the hot-air stoves, and the hot-air stoves should be ignited and operated. The furnace and flue must be purged in accordance with the operating operation regulations before. Design and construction strictly in accordance with specifications, using high-quality hot blast stoves, burners, valves and other accessories to prevent natural gas leakage, strengthen management, regular inspections, and install gas leaks in accordance with specifications. Alarm device and regular inspection.
The above is the safest burning time of the hot blast stove introduced to everyone. I hope it can help everyone. With the knowledge of the correct conditions of the burning time of the hot blast stove, do not have to worry about accidents when doing these aspects.
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