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Four reasons for long-term use of breeding hot air stoves
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Why are the sales of heating equipment, especially farming hot stoves so good, and telling you four advantages, you can understand why farming hot stoves have always been so popular. Nowadays, aquaculture heater stove accidents happen frequently. So what exactly causes aquaculture heater stove accidents? When aquaculture heater stoves are running, what are the accidents?
1.Soda and soda
The characteristics of the soda-water co-bending are: the water level of the water level table fluctuates violently, the boiler water is foaming, a large amount of water is carried in the steam, the temperature of the steam drops, and water shock occurs in the pipeline when it is serious. The main reasons for this are: poor water quality, excessive salt content, or excessive increase in the load on the heating stove. When co-boiler is found, it is necessary to strengthen water quality treatment and increase continuous drainage.
2. Furnace tube explosion
When the furnace tube is blasted, there are significant blasting sounds and steam injection sounds. At the same time, the water level and steam pressure are significantly reduced. When this situation is found, emergency shutdown measures must be taken. The general reasons for this happening are: fouling or corrosion of the furnace tube caused by poor water quality; water shortage and tube bursting may also be the cause and effect of each other; in addition, due to design defects, insufficient material strength and poor welding quality, tube bursting may be caused accident.
3.Boiler overpressure
Overheating operation of breeding heaters can cause component deformation and damage at the edges; serious accidents can occur. The main reason for the overheating of the heating stove for breeding is that the boiler staff raised the work pressure blindly or left the job. Sometimes, due to the simultaneous failure of pressure gauges and safety valves, boiler overpressure can also be caused. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the job responsibility system of the fireman and check the safety accessories.
4.Water shortage in boiler
The severe shortage of water in the breeding heating stove will cause deformation and damage of the pressure components, and even the explosion of the furnace tube. If it is not handled properly, an explosion accident of the gas boiler may occur. When the gas boiler is found to be short of water, it is strictly forbidden to enter water and take emergency shutdown measures. Most of the causes of the shortage of water in breeding heaters are related to the lax paralysis and misoperation of the operating personnel, or the blockage of the water level meter due to no flushing measures.
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