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Shexian Huaneng Livestock Equipment Co., Ltd. Contact: Manager Cao Tel: 0635-7693777
Mobile: 14768587888
QQ: 1406195840
Address: North Industrial Park, Shexian County, Liaocheng City
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Lixian Huaneng Animal Husbandry Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of hot air stoves , water heaters, temperature control equipment , air heaters Scientific and technological innovation enterprises.
The company has advanced mechanical processing equipment and strong scientific and technological strength. Based on the South China University of Technology's School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation and the School of Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, it has established a comprehensive quality management system from product research and development, experiment to manufacturing, sales and service. The company absorbs the essence of similar products at home and abroad, and uses domestic high-quality materials and Lu Thai advanced manufacturing process standards to produce more than 20 varieties of ventilation cooling fans, wet curtains, automatic hot air stoves, automatic coal-fired hot air fans and so on.
The temperature control equipment produced by our company has the characteristics of energy saving, stable operation, low noise, stable performance, ruggedness, and elegant appearance. It is widely used in greenhouses, flowers, animal husbandry, plant buildings, textiles and other industries.
Since its establishment, the company has set real and efficient livestock husbandry, standardized animal husbandry, large-scale animal husbandry, and healthy animal husbandry as its goals. Relying on high-tech to vigorously develop animal husbandry productivity, after just a few years of development, our company has become the most competitive and well-known innovation-type enterprise recognized in the industry. At the same time, Lu Thai temperature control equipment has become the government, the animal husbandry department and major agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise groups prioritize the purchase of selected products.
The company pays attention to product development and becomes the leader of the temperature control industry by mastering the core technology of temperature control
The company attaches importance to product quality and relies on a strict quality control system to set a benchmark in the temperature control industry
The company pays attention to service, pursues efficient and perfect service, and establishes a new image of temperature control industry
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