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Hot air stove for nursery greenhouse
Author: admin Published on: 2015-11-20 11:49 Text: [ big ] [ medium ] [ small ]
Hot air stove for nursery greenhouse
Outstanding advantages of hot air stove products: stable heat supply, improved seedling substrate yield, solving the problems of seedling substrate moisture and agglomeration. High degree of automation, reducing labor intensity, environmental protection, no pollution, safe and reliable.
The hot blast stove is automatic coal feeding and grate transmission, and the coal feeding is very uniform. When the temperature is adjusted, the temperature can be changed only by adjusting the damper. Therefore, the heat provided by the furnace is uniform and stable, which plays an important role in stabilizing the production of seedling substrate. One of the main reasons affecting the yield of seedling substrate is temperature instability. The seedling substrate has high yield and good quality.
The hot air stove passed the production test of the seedling substrate manufacturer to prove that the heating area is large and the amount of hot air is sufficient, which greatly reduces the head-to-tail temperature difference, so that the seedling substrate moisture can be easily controlled within the specified range.
The three automatics of the hot blast stove: automatic coal loading, automatic slag discharge, and automatic metering greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers. It does not require workers to load coal with one shovel or one shovel to produce slag, and does not require workers to be in close contact with high temperatures. The old-fashioned earthen stove has great damage to the eyes of employees. The JFJN series energy-saving hot-air stoves are simple to operate and easy to cook, which solves the problem that nobody burns the stove.
The hot blast stove has been repeatedly tested to prove that the combustion is sufficient, and the combustible gas in the combustion process without black smoke will be completely burned, and the SO2 emission concentration is lower than 900mg / m3, which meets the national standard.
Coal-fired hot blast stove is a device that raises the temperature of the hot blast fed to the blast furnace by heating the blast air. Modern blast furnaces use regenerative coal-fired hot-air stoves that alternately work with combustion and supply air. According to the layout of the combustion chamber and the heat storage chamber, it is divided into three types: internal combustion, external combustion, and top combustion. basically the same. In addition to blast furnace production, coal-fired hot air stoves are also used in various industries, coal-fired hot air stoves for workshop heating, coal-fired hot air stoves for breeding and heating, coal-fired hot air stoves for household heating, and coal-fired hot air stoves for drying industry .

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