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Automatic air blower
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Performance characteristics
This product has the functions of ventilation, cooling, dust removal, environmental protection, etc. It only uses one degree of electricity per hour, which can reduce the room temperature by 5-12 degrees, leaving the entire space in a natural cool feeling. Mainly suitable for
1. High temperature factory workshops such as textile socks, glass, injection molding, rubber, spraying, silk screen printing, toys, electronics, home appliances, footwear, printing, food, processing, bleaching and dyeing, and laundry.
2. Large and medium-sized shopping malls, vegetable markets, waiting rooms and large indoor entertainment venues.
3. Places with polluting gas or strong odor and large dust.
4. The place where the traditional air conditioner is installed but the fresh air volume (or oxygen content) is insufficient.
Especially in the home textile industry, this environmentally friendly air conditioner can not only cool down, but also filter dust, increase the oxygen content of the air, increase the humidity, and reduce the rate of broken wires.
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