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Heavy hammer fan
Author: admin Published on: 2012-10-22 16:16 Text: [ big ] [ medium ] [ small ]

One: Performance characteristics of heavy hammer fan:
1. High-quality extra-thick zinc layer galvanized sheet ensures high strength of the fan frame and extremely high corrosion resistance.
2.V-belt pulley is made of high-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy material by hot-press casting, with light material and high strength. The belt uses a belt automatic tensioning device to prevent the belt from loosening and dropping;
3. Configure high-efficiency energy-saving motors, pass 3C certification, protection level: IP55;
4. The mechanical centrifugal opening mechanism is made of 100% raw material reinforced nylon for injection molding, which has high strength and long life;
5. It adopts two types of iron air collector and glass fiber reinforced plastic air collector. The rear installation net is easy to remove and CAD optimized design;
6. High-precision microcomputer-assisted production system. Strict quality inspection, noise inspection, wind blade, rotation speed inspection, and machine performance performance inspection ensure that the fan runs smoothly without vibration, reduces noise, and effectively improves service life.
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