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Hot blast stove
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This system is a coal-fired automatic temperature-adjusting device developed to improve the current status of the heating industry in China. It combines the advantages of two aspects: fast air heating and long heating time, to provide farmers with the best temperature conditions at the most economical operating cost. This system is a complete automatic temperature adjustment system composed of the main unit "shed warmer", auxiliary equipment "temperature control cold air heater", "temperature automatic control box", "automatic water supply tank" and plumbing pipes, with winter heating, The dual effect of summer cooling. It is the latest product developed by our company's experts. Significant improvements and innovations over older products. More reasonable design, better performance and more convenient use are the directions that our factory will always strive for.
Performance characteristics:
1. The coal has a wide range of applications, and bituminous coal, anthracite, lump coal, and loose coal can be used, which solves the disadvantage of old products that can only burn anthracite. Users can choose coal nearby to save investment.
2. The new design is a vertical cylindrical combustion chamber, which increases the furnace capacity. A new upper coal charging port is set up. One time of adding coal can continuously burn for 6-12 hours, which solves the shortcomings of adding too much coal to the old product.
3. The combustion-supporting method has been changed, and secondary combustion has been added. After the coal is fully burned in the furnace, it is then radiated and removed by the air heating section. Therefore, the smoke exhaust temperature is low and the smoke and dust emissions are small.
4. On the traditional basis, the plumbing part adds a spiral tube design invented by our factory, which can uniformly heat and rise the water in the spiral tube without heating dead corners, so it increases the heating area and makes the temperature rise faster.
5. The wind heating part is equipped with an environmental protection dust collector. The dust generated by combustion can automatically fall into the dust collector, and the dust door can be opened to remove the dust, which is very convenient.
6. The plumbing and air heating parts of the whole machine are designed as a separate combination. Through hinges and bolts, the switch can be opened and closed freely, and maintenance is more convenient.

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